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LEGRAN – metal slag processing

  • Metal is in our blood. And has been for decades

    • Processing metal slag at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant – this is a success story steeped in tradition. Up until the 80s, these grounds were home to an aluminium works with its own mills. These machines – once used to process bauxite – are the centrepiece of our metal slag processing operations. Top quality copper, nickel, chromium and Co. are recovered by LEGRAN at this facility. It is able to do this thanks to the unique wet grinding system and downstream separation processes that it uses to treat spent refractories and slag. A whole range of well-known manufacturers of top quality metals and alloys benefit from the excellent metal recovery rates and high purity levels achieved by the company.

      Why metal slag processing is well worth its while

    • Our business divisions are constantly working on finding new ways to recover and recycle more raw materials so they can be reused

  • Services that are worth their weight in gold. Also when they involve chromium, nickel and copper

    There are two reasons why others are unable to match the way we recover metal from slag and spent refractories: our huge wealth of know-how gathered over so many years and our technology, which achieves levels of efficiency and quality that are second to none. One of the highlights of our system –which consists of diverse elegant technological solutions – is the special wet process stage that we developed ourselves.

    How the metal slag processing system works at REMONDIS

A whole range of benefits for our customers

    • No matter whether it involves copper, nickel or chromium: we are well-known as being a professional and reliable partner for industrial metal producers and processors. We have spent over thirty years improving and fine-tuning our recycling process. As we are able to recover such high purity metals, smelters can use the metal straight away – further treatment stages are not necessary. The combination of the REMONDIS Group’s extensive range of services and LEGRAN’s portfolio provides the basis for highly successful collaboration work with high-grade steel producers, copper businesses, smelters and foundries as well as many other types of metal processors.

    • Processing metal slag prevents valuable materials being sent to landfill and, consequently, being lost to us forever

    • A full range of services

      From helping our customers get the permits they need, to organising transport logistics, all the way through to carrying out any necessary environmental analyses. Everything is in safe hands at LEGRAN. Being part of the REMONDIS Group, we have access to numerous experts from a variety of specialist departments, all of whom are there to help you whenever they are needed.

Just metal slag processing? We can do more

  • We are not only able to process slag and spent refractories but other types of residual materials that contain metal as well. We are more than happy to recycle your material for you even if it is not specifically mentioned on our waste acceptance list. All we need from you is details about the classification of the material (analysis results, landfill category etc) and a sample. By the way: if we should discover that we can’t treat the material, then we will find an alternative solution for you. The experienced specialists at our sales organisation, PROVERO GmbH, always enjoy taking on such tasks.

Our solution – cost-effective and resource-friendly

  • As is the case with all industrial processes, both residual and recyclable materials are generated by metal producers. In this case, spent refractories and slag. The special feature of these particular residual materials is that they contain a significant amount of elemental metals. It is well worth recovering these metals simply from a business point of view. There are plenty of other reasons, though, for systematically recycling these materials.

    The advantages of working with us

  • The recycling process produces high purity granules – for example made of copper

  • The advantages of working with us. And why it’s well worth your while

    • Our recycling process has a number of decisive advantages that other businesses are unable to match: our system is cost effective and flexible, we are always able to take your materials and we can offer you bespoke solutions. Customers, who use our recycling services, benefit from both our high recovery rates and the high purity levels of the separated metals. Customers, who simply generate small or heterogeneous volumes of materials, can simply hand them over to us for treatment – safe in the knowledge that these materials will be recycled using legally compliant and environmentally sound systems.

    • The special technical features of LEGRAN’s metal slag processing operations

    LEGRAN processes metal slag and spent refractories on a grand scale – recovering the raw materials so they can be reused

    The advantages of working with us

    • Everything from just one company

      You don’t need to deal with anything. We help you get the permits you need, collect your spent refractories and metal slag from your plants and handle all the waste management tasks.

    • Lower costs

      It costs less to have your metal slag processed by us than to dispose of it via conventional routes.

    • Greater environmental protection

      Having metal slag processed by LEGRAN prevents heavy metals, such as nickel, chromium and molybdenum, being released into the environment.

    • Effective conservation of natural resources

      Recovering metals for reuse means that fewer primary raw materials are needed. Resources are conserved for future generations.

    • Reliable waste management services

      No matter how much material you generate, we are able to deal with it. By having such large storage areas, we can provide you with the reliable services you need.

    • An extensive network

      Being part of the REMONDIS Group, LEGRAN can offer you a wide range of recycling and waste management solutions – also those that go beyond recycling metal slag.

    • Improved waste statistics

      Having your metal slag and spent refractories recycled by us instead of simply landfilling them has a positive impact on your environmental footprint.

  • Good work. For the environment as well

    Promoting sustainability is REMONDIS’ mission and what drives it on every single day. LEGRAN’s metal slag processing operations are a great example of this. By recovering practically all of the metals contained in the slag and spent refractories, this work clearly helps to reduce the consumption of primary raw materials (for example the use of ore) and oxidising agents. What’s more, fewer heavy metals are released into the environment. Our metal slag processing also reduces carbon emissions: 31,000 tonnes a year to be precise. How? The amount of energy needed to recover metals is much lower than that needed to produce metal from raw materials – making it much better for the climate as well.

    An exemplary water system. The process water needed for recycling the metal slag is kept in a closed cycle so it can be cleaned and reused again and again

  • An important fact for environmental protection officers: metal slag processing is a form of recycling and should always be chosen over disposal

LEGRAN // A division of the REMONDIS Group
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